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Whether you’re working with a professional web designer or building your own site, it’s important that you know a bit about web design before you get started. It’s not just about coding, image tags, and the correct content, though – you’ll also need to know what visitors to your site want to see and how they expect it to work. Visitors need to trust your site in order to make a purchase, and there tend to be specific things that they look for to decide if they like the way a site functions.

Tips for web design with the visitor in mind:

Design with Speed in Mind
As you build your site, it’s vitally important to keep speed in mind. As the site loads, if it lags or slows down dramatically, it’s likely that visitors will get bored and go elsewhere. Be sure that the site loads quickly on computer browsers and mobile platforms so that you can keep the bounce rate as low as possible. Keeping people on your site for as long as possible will increase the chance of them making a purchase, and your site loading well on their device will help make sure that this happens.

Focus on the Fold
While designing a site, keep your focus on elements above the fold. Often, site visitors never make it to scrolling below the fold, so any important information should be condensed near the top of the page. Add extraneous information, additional details, and anything that is nice to know, but not necessary, below the fold. Keep words short, sweet, and to the point, so that your message is well received and easy to understand.

Limit Choices
The more options you provide for potential customers, the more confused they may become, and the more you increase the possibility of them leaving the site. Instead, provide several clear options for them to choose from. Limit the choices to easy to understand options or packages that are all appealing, starting with a moderately priced option. This allows you to begin to steer the consumer in the direction that you’d like for them to go.

Avoid Moving Parts
Pop up ads, sliders, moving tabs, flashing video, and loud audio can all be distracting and annoying on a sales website. Instead, do your best to keep your site simple and basic, while highlighting the products that you’re offering. Moving parts only tend to complicate the issue, so while they may dramatically enhance your site’s visual appeal, they also increase the potential for something to break, and many consumers find them annoying and more difficult to navigate. Keep things as simple as possible to keep your bounce rate low and boost your profits.

Keep these important tips in mind as you build your site, and you’ll be well on your way to having a visitor-friendly page. The longer people stick around, the more likely they are to read your content, review your products and services, and consider making a purchase. Your goal as you build a site is to keep your bounce rate low and your visitor retention rate high, and these tips will help you achieve it.