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WordPress (WP) is the most popular content management system and there are many reasons it keeps the top spot. You may be tempted to use another option, but there are many reasons WP should be your go-to platform for your next website.


WP was originally designed for blogs, but its functionality expands far beyond a simple blog. Due to its popularity, you can easily customise your website for any purpose with plug-ins. WP works well for small businesses due to the ability to create a simple website and it is robust enough to handle a Fortune-500 e-commerce website.

Since the platform can be used with many third-party applications, such as payment processors and shopping platforms, there are few limits. Many less popular platforms do not have the same level of functionality. When attempting to integrate these features with other content management systems, you need someone proficient in coding, which may not be an option for smaller businesses.

The best-practises in web design are always changing. The high level of functionality associated with WP also means it is easy to adopt future trends in website design, which can change on the fly and significantly affect the perception of your business.


WP is more likely to be the target of hackers and cyber attacks than some other platforms simply because it is more popular, but this does not make WP inherently less secure. The bright side is there are more security options for WP over other platforms, and it is often easier to integrate simple code to help protect your website. Installing a well-know plug-in to protect your website and give you detailed reports of any suspicious activity can easily help.

Many plug-ins will allow you to block access to your website based on IP addresses and block log-in names that do not exist. Hiding or changing the link to your log-in panel also improves security. If the bots used to initiate attacks on websites cannot find the panel to do an attempted log-in on your website, most attempts to hack your site will be eliminated.


The number of themes available for WP are extensive and this does not include paid themes or the option to have a unique theme provided by your web designer. Many of the themes available for WP are built upon the yearly themes provided by the platform. In addition to the selection of themes, you can easily find plug-ins to make modifying your website easier.

Some plug-ins provide a visual editor for people who are unable to modify the code to create the exact designs they want. A combination of the opportunity to use coding and a visual editor allows businesses to have more control over their website. Businesses may hire a web designer for intricate work, but a business owner may want some opportunity to manipulate their website and not rely exclusively on someone else.

There are valid reasons for WP remaining at the top of the list for content management systems. You should seriously consider the functionality and user-friendliness of WP when making your choice.